Wholesale Customers

** Wholesale rates do not apply during the 'BIG HOLIDAY SALE' **

Club, Gym or Rec Centre?  TOP TEN has you covered!

We offer special rates to Clubs on many of our products.  We can also arrange one-off orders for your specific needs, from personalised club apparel and gear, through to bulk orders. 

It's never been easier to order for your Club.  No mucking around with emails going back 'n forth - instead you have a dedicated Club login showing your discounted rates.  Simply place your order online, quick 'n easy.


To create a Club account, click here and select 'Create Account'.  We'll send you an email confirmation once we've verified you as a Wholesale customer. 

When you're ready to place your next order, simply log into toptenz.co.nz and you'll immediately have access to your new wholesale rates.